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Episode 010: Podcast of Affirmation

This week’s guest…new New Yorker Emma Foster!

In honor of the Hallmark Holiday Valentine’s Day, Emma and I walk you through Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, a method of understanding how we give and want to receive love, romantic or otherwise. How do you want to get love? How do you want to give it? Does understanding it help us interact more effectively and understand the people around us? Emma and I investigate, as we analyze our own love towards friends, family, and various human or animal beings.

Also, find Emma here on instagram.

Mics. Mentions:

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At 0:25 and 1:39 catch Emma taking pics for the Sixth June 2016 Presentation:

Véronique Branquinho Show that I went to that one time. Also catch me in the background at the beginning doing all my social media crap.

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