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Episode 001 | Wild Noodling

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This week’s guest: cool designer and always hip with indie music, Allison Beer!

“I’m excited on behalf of everyone whose ears will be blessed by this inaugural episode. It demonstrates just how much pretentiousness is possible when discussing nearly any  subject: truly an auspicious beginning.” -Allison Beer

Allison and Claire touch on the persistent shadow of unethical and excessive consumerism, while excessively consuming your time. They rename the podcast halfway through and realize only later that they forgot to turn the mics on the right way, so it was recorded crappily but Claire is self-important enough to use the audio anyway. Welcome to the first episode to Anyway, we’re pretentious. Here’s to many more.

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Steamboat Willie, mentioned part starts at 4:10 (correction: it is a goat, not a cow) and then the cow marimba part begins at 6:06:


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