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Episode 008 | Straight Shooting

This week’s guest…J.D. Cupple!



An American Astronaut

Semi Haunted Skatepark  (or here on Soundcloud)

J.D.’s personal soundcloud (pay him to make you beats) 

J.D. (front) with one of his music projects, An American Astronaut.

Being in a band isn’t all glamourous. This week I chat with local musician, J.D. Cupple, who lets us know what the Cleveland music scene is all about and the struggles of being a musician trying to make it. Do you sell out if you have the chance? Do you experiment in the face of making popular music for cash? How do you negotiate the artist and the moneymaker? We explore these inquiries.

Misc. Mentions:

Florence Foster Jenkins | The woman who paid to perform in opera houses but was actually a horrible singer.

Sleeper Service

Punk Talks | Mental Health Support for Musicians !


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