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Episode 006: Interesting Interests

This week’s guest is vlogger and Youtuber extraordinaire Justin Monte! Otherwise known as JMontage. Go watch his expertly edited vlogs, travel videos, music videos, and more! And don’t you dare forget to subscribe.

You’ve heard your parents say it in their exasperated groaning or perhaps you’ve felt it as you’ve grown to see the new generation change the status quo. Anyway you slice it, the youth is always threatening, wild, and blindly tearing up what you’ve built. What do we call that? Juvenoia. Claire and Justin try to postulate on why we’re always afraid of the next generation and how to avoid yelling at kids to get off your lawn when you’ve hit your golden years.

Watch his vlog here!

 Misc. Mentions:

In regards to juvenoia:

Vsauce Juvenoia Transcript

David Finkelhor, man who coined the term

Ridiculous Millennial Criticism:

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Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials Should Stop Buying Avocados

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Moving at historically low rates

Millennials use public libraries

Millennials don’t job hop any more than other generations

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Documentary on the 60s and the angsty youth

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Other sources/mentions:

J.S. Mill, “On Liberty”

Douglas Adams Quotation

Rebuttal to above video

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