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Episode 004: Hellas Yeah

This week’s guests: Allison, old reliable, Beer and Theresa, girl with glasses, Dunne!

Why do modern, science-loving, cynical people tune in to their weekly horoscopes? How did horoscopes hit the ground running in the modern era? What do the stars reveal to us when we analyze our birth charts? All these questions answered (or postulated on) for this episode of Anyway, We’re Pretentious.

Misc. Mentions:

Hellenistic Period Basic Overview

Map and Modern Attitude Towards Hellenistic Greece

Wikipedia Basics of Astrological Traditions, Types, and Systems

Zodiac Basics Broken Down by House, Element, Sign, Planet, Etc

The Astrology Book, by James R. Lewis

Study: Public Knowledge about Science and Technology 2012

The Best Library in History, The Royal Library of Alexandria

The Fox Sisters: Some of the earliest fake mediums

R.H. Naylor and Newspaper Horoscopes

Do you want to read and understand your birth chart? Click here!

Fun memes from Tumblr that you can read and agree/disagree with:

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