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Episode 002 | Amish People Love Skipbo

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This week’s guest: my sibling David!

“The episode reached further than the subject matter itself. I’m never trusting a children’s tv character ever again, and neither should any of Claire’s listeners.” -David Stemen

David and Claire take on the disturbing revelation that Thomas the Tank Engine lives under an oppressive, totalitarian regime. It’s unfortunate, upsetting, and hilarious. If you think this is just some kids’ show, you’re wrong.

Source material:

The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends” by Jia Tolentino

Reddit page on “The Sad Story of Henry”

The Prison Island of Sodor by Stephanie on No

Thomas the Imperialist Tank Engine by Jessica Roake

Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki

UK Miners’ Strike, 1969 

Misc. Mentions:

Errol Garner, jazz pianist:

Jacky Terrasson “Sous le ciel de Paris”:




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