The Majesty of Fall Clothing

The internet is all abuzz at the prospect of sweater weather, as it is commonly called.

And all the “basic” types, as they are called, slink out from under flower crowns to slide into chunky knits and drink what shouldn’t be called a latte but is still dubbed as such; the pumpkin spiced latte.

(We all know it’s just liquified sugar, with nary a pumpkin in sight.)

What is it about this time of year that has us all—the fashion types, the basics, the edgy kids, parents, pets, single-celled organisms—positively, incandescently thrilled about the clothes we wear?

Why, it’s fall. The peak of comfortable weather and, subsequently, the time for comfortable clothes.

The magic of fall clothing is that it neither shows too much (one could get cold!) or too little (and suddenly you’re boiling.)

I, like everyone else, love autumn and its corresponding clothes and colors.

So today I have a very simple post to share and it is just a few mood boards regarding my recent fall favorites.

I have two mood boards, because I have more than one vibe going so deal with it.

As seen above, I am into the rather moody, quiet George Harrison/Jane Birkin style. I’ve been thinking a lot about Modigliani’s  (here it is “The Black Dress”) eyeless waifs too, so I included a portrait from him. This and the feeling of a rainy day (the oil painting is “La rue de la Paix, Paris” by Édouard Cortès) spent with a friend over coffee or wine is appealing to me. This is a palette of merlots, navy, and black. A night in a sweater, the rain beating against the windows.

My things featured above:  80s leotard with leather jacket and denim skirt, “Diva” matte lipstick by MAC.

I suppose we can call this the warm-toned mood board. I’m really into jewel tones, those deep saturated colors of a wet forest in the fall. Jane Birkin reappears with a haughty walk and it’s from the film La Piscine. My favorite film, Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice (2005), has a fantastic opening scene of Elizabeth Bennet reading a novel in nature. The lighting in that film, already fantastic and expressive, is just really excellent to me as an opening scene. This the board for fall in the sunshine and fall just after the rain.

My things featured above: green linen dress, black turtleneck, black knee-highs, forest green “gotham” ankle boots; blue felt hat, turquoise-dyed button down shirt, and vintage knit multi-colored skirt.

That’s all for today, enjoy the beginning twitterings of autumn.

What is influencing your clothing, your attitude, or your upcoming fall this year?


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