The Case for Predictability

In high school I had a rather astonishing promise that I made to myself: I would never wear the same outfit twice. I did not and, even when I wore the same clothing combination, I would switch up accessories or shoes or the little tucks and folds here and there.

Below is a horrifying example of my “style”.

scary diagram of my high school style

People thought I possessed a monster collection of clothing and they weren’t totally wrong about that, but they also weren’t exactly right, as I played with my clothes in unexpected ways. A skirt was a dress, a dress was a shirt, etc. Some of it worked quite well, while a good number of these creative ideas went as well as they went above.

Fast forward to my days abroad and the decidedly less lucrative years in college and I find myself in a different conundrum.  I hardly like buying the clothing I used to, as much of it was the sort of chemically-stenched polyester nightmare popular for a teen on a budget with a thirst for trends, and I hardly have the income to spend as much as I used to.

In the spirit of Parisian dressing and of the unsavory knowledge one learns about the fashion industry (see the documentary “The True Cost”, the book “Overdressed” by Elizabeth Cline, etc) plus the increased appreciation I have for a good quality piece of clothing, I am wearing the same things over and over. Thus I present to you my newest philosophy: wear the same good stuff again and again.

The White Shirt (preferably a man’s)


It’s true that everyone always talks about the unlimited potential and joy that comes from a good, old Hanes undershirt. They’re not wrong and I can’t stop wearing the thing. It looks cool under dresses, it works well with skirts, and it’s an absolute victory when paired with denim. It’s amazing ability to drape casually on the body it wasn’t meant for is what makes this shirt the overlord of everything. I’m having issues not wearing it daily.

The Black Turtleneck


You should know that I wear this thing at every possible chance. I wore it in June. I’ll wear it the second we hit fall weather. I don’t know of a moment where a black turtleneck isn’t the most elegant and attractive item to wear. I don’t have much else to say other than that owning one of these is essential to feeling classy with literally no effort. Also it goes with everything.



Finding amazing, blog quality photos of my clothing is weirdly harder than it would seem, but I’m fresh in the style blogging world, so you’ll need to forgive me immediately. I bought this strange, 90s-style pair of overalls about three years ago and I never looked back. They’re incredibly wide-legged, with ripped off pockets and other rip details—the back is entirely torn to pieces save for the connecting pieces. They come from an excellent woman in Cleveland who tears apart and bleaches old denim to make really cool pieces—she’s one of my older secret sources. These are SO comfy, very cool and unique, and they go with—you guessed it—pretty much anything.

A Good Pair of Cutoffs


Get on the cut-off train, you hipster. You purchaser of pre-cut shorts. The best thing I ever did was take scissors to my jeans and it would be the best thing you do too, if you’d just take the leap. Shorts are impossible to buy, in my opinion. I have stupid short legs and I’m quite petite, so everything in the store finds a way to fail me. When I do score, it’s usually with jeans and when my jeans have too many rips in the knee, the only logical move forward is to amputate their legs and let the fraying gradually become excellent with washes and wear.


That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed my foray into more “style-related” things. If you want more of this, please tell me and if you want me to do something in particular, again, please tell me.

Bisous à vous,

Questions? Comments? Miscellania?

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    July 30, 2017

    I liked this a lot. The classics are classics for a reason. I sometimes feel bad for sticking to stuff that I know works, but hey if I like what I wear then that’s enough. Keep writing, Claire!

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