What’s Next: Monthly Notes

While musing about my blog’s future after a semester of more regular writing, I reached out to you to ask what you would like to see from me.

Said survey is below:

twitter survery screenshot

An interesting 9% faction of you (approximately one of the eleven who answered, so hardly a faction) do not care about me. Heartening to see my sense of humor has a taker.

So! For each month ahead of us, I will be rolling out at least two posts (more when the fancy or topic strikes). They’re tied to some of my year-long goals in cultural self-improvement and general detachment from mindless technological distraction.

You can join, watch, or blissfully ignore Bookths. 

I’ll be reading one book a month of various classics, modern staples, and whatever else I need to scratch off my ever-growing book list. You can follow along, I will be posting what I’m working on, and I’ll write my impressions and include whatever other interesting tidbits are wrapped up in the reading. It’s very broad and very eclectic (on purpose).

Outside of Bookths, I’ll write up my monthly fixations—aesthetic and otherwise. Those are my Monthly Tidbits.

I really hope you enjoy reading them or follow along! Or at the very least, I’ll enjoy reading more books than usual.

If you have any suggestions or want to read other things from me, I’d be happy to oblige. (You just have to let me know.)


Questions? Comments? Miscellania?

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